Information about the Big Sports
‚a‚‰‚‡@‚r‚‚‚’‚”‚“ ‚ƒ‚‚‚‚‚Ž‚™@‚h‚Ž‚ƒD@

Business hours : am 10:00, `pm 7:30
regular holiday : the 2nd Tuesday, for a foundation 1975-year
Person in charge chief executive officer ‚x‚‚“‚•‚ˆ‚‰‚’‚@Oyama .

‚‹‚‰‚‚‰‚”‚“‚• City Chamber of Commerce and Industry member @
@@@@@@@@@@ Greeting .

It is the store which thinks with the guest.

For example both a guest and a staff think about marking, and it is made.

only you original marking is done, too.

Listen freely if there is what kind of doubt in being small about soccer again.

I want to walk with everyone.