What is marking?
To the pleasant uniform, @

The process until a uniform is made is told
‚PB uniform and a mark are examined @@‚QBIt is made with a display @@@@@‚RBmark is made with a display
‚UB press and which is completed.@@@@‚TBmeasures a position.@@@@@@@@@@@@@@‚SB cut‚‰‚Ž‚‡

A logo is Service 1-digit and the one for 2-digit are adopted
many numbers in others as well

The character which is adopted and that ‚a‚‰‚‡‚“‚‚‚’‚”‚“ is typical, and number
About the uniform and the mark
The uniform of each country of the world is researched, and design is being produced.
As for the size of the mark, it sticks to the unit 1mm, and it is set up.
Every time design is made, an image is sent to the guest.
As for a uniform to mark, unless heat etc. is added, it never comes off.
It is free to change the mark of the uniform put on once, too.
Stretch is free, and mark material uses ‚’‚‚‚‚ of the thickness 0.1mm.
There is no sense of incongruity even if it wears it because it is this thinness
Even if a uniform grows, it never tears, and a mark never comes off.

The edition of the mark, uniform number can be made only in processing when there is a new team member because it is kept in our store if it is made once.
If it is five and more order again, an edition fee, design fee is free.
It lets me give a logo to the uniform number free.
Refer to the photograph of upper No.10.
Though it has many typefaces, the mark, number which that designed is made in our store again, too.
Refer to details by mail